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Billie Eilish Drops Third Full-Length LP and Empowers DJs and Producers with Exclusive Acapellas

Attention DJs and Producers: Sample Billie Eilish’s vocal stems and win exclusive prizes!


Billie Eilish Drops Isolated Vocals Version of New Album, 'Hit Me Hard and Soft,' for Remix Contest with BandLab and Interscope.


Billie Eilish has released an isolated vocals version of her new album, *Hit Me Hard and Soft*, for producers to sample and remix. Even better, a remix competition with BandLab and Interscope offers you the chance to flip her vocals and win exclusive prizes.


You can download the isolated vocals version of the album by purchasing the Exclusive Digital Album for $7.50 via Eilish’s website. The vocal stems are included with the purchase. The download comes as a 205 MB ZIP folder containing each song’s vocal stems as MP3 files.



Once you’ve got the vocals and remixed them to your taste, you can head to this BandLab post and enter the competition. According to BandLab and Interscope, you can submit your song by leaving a comment on the post and linking to the online hosting platform where you’ve uploaded it.


So, what’s up for grabs? According to the post, BandLab and Interscope will be “picking one lucky winner to take home an exclusive merch pack with a *Hit Me Hard and Soft* vinyl autographed by Billie, and a pair of tickets to her upcoming tour.”


The competition ends on June 28, 2024, so you have some time to upload your track. To access the vocals, you’ll need to be logging in from a US or Australian residence. Additionally, it's important to remember that, even after uploading the track for the remix competition, you should clear any samples through Eilish’s label if you wish to distribute your remix.


The pop superstar’s third studio album arrived on May 17 and is already dominating the charts. Her brother and production partner, FINNEAS, says that *Hit Me Hard and Soft* is his “favorite thing I’ve ever been a part of making.”


“There were so many times during the making of it that I thought we’d never finish it or had no idea what we were doing I lost count—just goes to show, when you’re in it, you might just have to try to keep swimming. You can only really see the ocean once you’re on the shore.


“I’m going offline now because what you all think of this album is your business, not mine, but I really do hope you like it. We make everything with you in mind, and we owe it all to you. Thanks for the sick job/life. We’re so lucky.”



The isolated vocals digital copy of HIT ME HAD AND SOFT is a 20-track ensemble, and is available now at


Find out more at Billie Eilish’s website.

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