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Deborah De Luca Releases Third Studio Album ‘Hard Pop’

After a rare pop-up set last week at the iconic Times Square in New York, Deborah De Luca, a leading force in the global techno scene, unveils her eagerly awaited third album, “Hard Pop” Released through her own Solamente Records, this album features twenty-one electrifying tracks that blend hard techno with pop influences, showcasing De Luca’s innovative approach to music


Transitioning Soundscapes

Building on her acclaimed albums “Ten” (2018) and “She Sleeps” (2020), De Luca’s latest work marks her most ambitious project yet. “Hard Pop” not only expands her sonic palette but also taps into the rising trend of hard techno infused with melodic pop elements. Her recent return to New York City on May 21 included an exclusive album pop-up event in the heart of Manhattan’s Times Square, further heightening anticipation for the release.


A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity

Drawing from her decade-long career and deep-rooted influences in Neapolitan techno, De Luca celebrates her heritage while embracing pop’s evolving role within the genre. “Hard Pop” masterfully navigates the contrasting landscapes of hard techno and pop, creating a unique listening experience that pays homage to the golden era of rave music with a modern twist.

De Luca’s extensive discography has consistently topped Beatport charts, earning her the title of “Queen of Naples.” Her journey from humble beginnings in one of Naples’ toughest districts to international stardom showcases her remarkable talent and dedication. Known for her electrifying, technically nuanced sets, De Luca has captivated audiences at intimate clubs and major festivals worldwide, solidifying her status as a top-tier talent in the techno world.


Global Recognition and Artistic Evolution

From intimate club performances to headlining prestigious international festivals, Deborah De Luca continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her high-octane performances and drive for musical evolution. With nothing left to prove, “Hard Pop” is an exploration into her own sonic repertoire and serves as a testament to her relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Embark on an incredible journey with Deborah De Luca’s “Hard Pop,” available now for streaming and download across platforms. Stay updated on her musical evolution and live shows by following her on social media.


Listen to Deborah De Luca, ‘Hard Pop’ below and get your copy here.