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The first and only period pain relief app: non-chemical and digital solution for physical and emotional gain


From helping manage Alzheimer's and Parkinson's symptoms to easing depression and anxiety, music is known as a natural panacea for pain.

A team of neuroscientists and music producers have collaborated to develop and design Moonai, an app where tech, music and wellness collide to help women suffering from period pain.

The app's music is said to act as a “digital painkiller," impacting the menstrual cycle with "ambient-drone soundscapes" that create a lulling and comforting effect while reducing pain.

"It’s supported by the science, and the people who are most skeptical about it before using the app tend to be our biggest ambassadors afterwards," CEO Laura-June Clarke told Music Ally. "It blows their minds! And then they post [on social media or in app store reviews] about that.

"We’re building this machine of understanding what parameters on the human body in the menstrual cycle is affected by what sound characteristics," she added.



Earlier this year, Moonai worked with artists Fernanda Aleman and Kazam to showcase the "Moonai Sound Experience" in Stockholm, a "fusion between electronic music, science and wellbeing" that functioned as a proof of concept in the real world.

One thing the app prides itself on is transparency when it comes to people's data privacy, Clarke said. Although the app doesn't track periods, in a world where many women fear sharing sensitive information about their cycles online due to mercurial abortion laws, it's crucial to protect private data.

"It’s about being transparent and not sketchy, and not collecting so many sensitive data points," Clarke explained. "We explain how we’re collecting them, where they’re stored and how we use them."


You can find out more about Moonai and download the app here.


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