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Sara Landry Teams Up with Alt8 for Electrifying Single 'Heaven'

Sara Landry has recently released her latest single, 'Heaven,' marking the debut track from her forthcoming album on HEKATE Records. This vibrant and dynamic piece, crafted in collaboration with Alt8, captures the essence of summer in every beat


The genesis of 'Heaven' emerged from an energetic studio session with Alt8, a fellow HEKATE artist. The duo managed to sculpt this summer anthem in under three hours. Overflowing with enthusiasm, Landry describes 'Heaven' as a vibrant and sensual track, embodying the epitome of summer's vibrancy.


Hailing from Austin, Sara Landry’s music is a unique fusion of jazz, blues, funk, and electronic dance, reflecting her diverse musical background. She has made a significant impact on the hard techno scene, garnering a strong following due to her ability to create not just popular hits but also immersive experiences for her audience.


Beyond her musical talents, Landry is a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the industry. She is committed to advancing gender equality and representation, continually striving to foster inclusive environments within the music community.


Listen to Sara Landry 'Heaven' below and download your copy here.