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About us is an online magazine, which has existed since 2013 and dedicated to female DJs with an annual public Poll TOP 100 DJANES. 

The site is gaining popularity around the world and has regional representatives on all continents. 

The magazine contains information about DJanes life, job, interviews, latest music releases and video, information about events and gigs, the best world music festivals and technical innovations in DJs world. 

The word 'DJANE' was chosen and popularized to define a shorter meaning for 'female DJ'. Over time, the word gained greater popularity among female DJs and in the media. 

Register, and it will give you an ability to post your news, events in the main news stream on the website. Also, it can bring you more votes direct link for voting and managers can book you directly from the site (you will get booking request directly on your email). 

There are no special criteria, every female DJ can be a part of TOP 100 DJANES voting! 

People VOTE through a voting link, filling in the voting form with DJs names (5 lines can be filled with one and the same name or with 5 different names); if a DJ has personal DJ account, by pressing the button “VOTE NOW”.

Mind that there are also regional voting, links to them, you can find below the main one. 

Voting is available for registered users only and a person can vote only once. 

We are always happy to get news from you, send please your latest music/video/news on

Every registered DJ can ADD NEWS through personal DJ account. Best news are always transferred to the main page by our editors.

Be attentive!  In recent years a lot of sites appeared, which copy our magazine, resemble our name and colors. Mind that our link is only, where you can find the voting link and everything!